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London Based WordPress Agency

We are an award-winning London Web Agency based in Farringdon. We specialise in WordPress development with an expert team of London based developers and designers.

Our clients’ websites build requirements have included advanced WordPress functionality requiring custom developed solutions. These solutions integrate with a variety of external platforms from mobile applications to customer relationship management software and complex data modelling systems.

Vast experience in these areas allows us to design and build websites that exceed the expectations of our clients and continue to create ongoing successes for their business.


Custom WordPress Development

We excel in advanced WordPress development to create custom themes and plugins that fulfil your functionality requirements.

We have vast experience in creating websites for financial services firms, recruitment agencies and companies in the education sector.

We ensure all websites are developed with compressed code and combined files for fast loading times with premium hosting to ensure your WordPress website is secure.


Included With All Projects


Custom Development

Our London based WordPress developers build websites using the best WordPress plugins and themes to incorporate the design requirements for the project. Custom coded plugins and theme templates are created for specific functionality. All code is peer-reviewed throughout the project.


Support & Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance for our clients to allow the website to run optimally. This includes updates to plugins and theme files, php, server upgrades and database cleaning, speed optimisation and error fixing due to upgrading issues.


Managed Projects

The design and build of your website is planned and run by a dedicated Agile certified project manager breaking the project down into bi-weekly sprints. We conduct daily scrums to ensure issues are highlighted and the projects are kept running to schedule.


Expert SEO

Technical SEO refers to the optimisation of the website set up, code and server configuration which has a significant impact on your search rankings. We ensure your website meets modern standards and has the correct configuration and coding to allow a high level of search engine optimisation.


Fast Loading

Speed is an important factor in increasing website visitors and improving your search engine ranking so we incorporate many systems and tweaks to minimise page loading times. These include code optimisations, website caching, domain configurations and a content delivery network.


Visual Editor

Our WordPress developers install the leading page builder plugin which allow visual editing with the use of text and image boxes for content. This enables clients to easily edit their content and move elements around the web page and add additional content.


WordPress SEO For High Search Ranking

Optimising your website for search engines and digital marketing integrations are key factors in the development stages.

Our London based WordPress developers ensure the correct implementation of meta tags and structured data to enhance your websites SEO.

We also install tracking codes and pixels into optimum locations in the WordPress website for your social media and PPC campaigns to maximise speed and reporting accuracy.


Advanced WordPress Functionality

Plugins offer advanced functionality that can be further adapted to suit the specific needs of your WordPress website. Common plugins we integrate include:

  • Paid membership plugins for e-learning websites
  • White paper downloads manager for corporate websites
  • Multilingual plugins for easy language switching
  • Job board and job profile templates and plugins
  • E-commerce integration using the WooCommerce plugin

WordPress FAQ


Security is of utmost importance to us and our clients so we ensure WordPress installations are secured on multiple levels. We use enterprise level hosting from WP Engine which has many security features inbuilt but in addition to this, we install several WordPress plugins to enhance security further.

Akismet is the leading WordPress plugin to filter out spam from comments and contact forms. Spam messages are quarantined and automatically deleted.

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Images Compression

Image optimisation is essential to reduce loading times of your WordPress website. We provide recommended image sizes to upload, however, we also realise this isn’t always possible to do so images are automatically resized to the correct dimensions. In addition, images are compressed which significantly reduces the file size.

Image quality may be affected slightly if too much compression is applied so we apply just enough image compression not to visually affect the images.

A WordPress image optimisation plugin is used to automatically compress the images which can be undone as the original uploaded image is retained within the WordPress installation.

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Website loading time is further reduced by using caching to serve up web pages. This reduces requests to the database and is ideal for high traffic websites.

We also use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which distributes images and HTML files onto servers across the world. This allows much faster web page loading for international visitors as the main assets are loaded from local servers.

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Testing throughout the project is essential to ensure the website is delivered on time and error free.

We conduct a range of testing such as cross-browser, HTML and CSS validation and peer code review. We also perform weekly risk assessments to highlight potential issues and resolve without delaying the project.


Websites can be hosted with us through WP Engine. Daily backups are automatically created and can quickly be restored for up to 30 days or longer if requested. In addition, backups are created before WordPress updates are transferred from the staging to production server.

Page Builder

We use the most popular WordPress page builder plugin with all websites. This features a drag and drop interface to allow WordPress content blocks to easily be added or moved on the page. Once the design and coding have been applied to the page, new content can be added without the need to code the new sections, saving you time and the expense of the WordPress developer.

JS & CSS Optimisation

Our team of WordPress developers ensure that code isn’t bloated in order to maximise web page load times. JS, CSS and HTML files are minified by removing unnecessary spaces in the code which can slow down the website.

CSS files are combined into one file and error checked. This helps reduce server request and improves loading times.

Internal and external JS files are combined where possible and redundant files are excluded to prevent unused files from loading.

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