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Why use WordPress Categories & Tags

How To Use WordPress Categories & Tags

WordPress is an open-source project and is used as a blogging tool and a content management system worldwide. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging site and there are multiple reasons for this feat.

Users get the freedom to tinker with the layout, theme, plugins and widgets in their blog site. Additionally, WordPress has added a feature of multi-user and multi-blogging. So a single blog can be managed by a team of bloggers editing it simultaneously by logging in with various user names. So you see why WordPress is the most popular blogging site!

WordPress websites with all its above-the-cut features, promises a very professional look to your website. You just need to employ some of the tips and tricks mentioned below for maximum utilisation of the resource.

Speed is very important for your website

Not just in life but also in the internet world. It’s of paramount importance how quickly your site loads. Shorter the duration more effective will you be in keeping the visitor attached to your site. You can use various tools like slow or page speed tools to test the actual loading speed of your page. Once the test is done, you can do the following steps in order to improve the speed:

  • Use the latest version of WordPress
  • Load the javascript in the footer and the CSS in the header
  • Minimise unnecessary PHP queries
  • Deactivate the plugins that do not add much value to your site
  • Get a good hosting and check your theme code

Usage of categories in WordPress Web Design

The categories in WordPress web design actually help you organise your content in an efficient manner. This further helps in site navigation and user-friendliness which further improves the page ranking of your website. Thus, categorisation actually helps you do SEO. Categorisation also helps to reduce your duplicate content and, thereby, improves the page rank of your website.

A lot of themes and layouts options are available in the WordPress settings. Set a pattern that suits the content of your blog and it will help you in more ways than one. The appealing visual appearance of your website will have a positive impact on the page rank and thus will act as an SEO technique.

WordPress boasts of an impressive list of plugins available to the users. The chronologically arranged archive section, Heat Map Plugin, Small Archives, Extended List Archives are all examples of extremely useful plugins that can be used in order to enhance the user experience with your webpage.

There are many such tricks and tips to utilise WordPress to its fullest. You get started with the ones mentioned above. The more advanced ones will definitely follow.

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