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Why use Photography in Web Design?

Photographs can have a dramatic impact on your website design and brand identity. They can be used in image galleries to display your products, WordPress sliders with rotating images of your events and within blog posts which can be shared using social media plugins.

Photographs can give an insight into the events you run or demonstrate projects you have worked on in your case studies. Integrating these into an attractive website design can increase trust and encourage customers to contact you.

Commissioned Photographers

Experienced photographers that have an eye for detail, compositional skills and good equipment, an create stunning images that enhance your products and improve your brand identity.

Although modern mobile phones offer fairly high image quality in some circumstances, they are rarely a suitable alternative to an experienced photographer with advanced lenses and cameras.

What is Stock Photography

Stock images are photographs from a library of millions that cover a wide of genres including adventure, architecture, sports, careers, food, landscape, property, wildlife and many more.

These can be purchased from various libraries online and can be an effective way to populate your website design with quality images at a much lower price than commissioning a photographer.

Selecting photographs that work with your web design is a skill in itself. Choosing images of the right subject, demographic, composition, location and lighting are just some of the elements that need to be taken into account.

We have all seen the cheesy stock images in an office setting with people giving thumbs up towards the camera. Although these photographs are taken in a studio with a professional photographer, lighting, and models, these images portray little character and creativity.

These images should be avoided; instead, images that reflect your brand identity, target customers, locations, demographics inspire your website visitors and that have a high level of technical quality should be selected. Popular Stock Image Libraries Include:

Adobe Stock Images

Why use Photography in Web Design?

Shutter Stock Images

Why use Photography in Web Design?

Testing Images

Images can be split tested to see the effect they have on converting your website visitors. This can be done by presenting alternative pages with different images to your website visitors and tracking the results over several days and weeks.

This will give you invaluable information to guide you in selecting the best images that work for your business.

Images editing

Editing images in photoshop is essential to get the best from them. This may include colour correction, distortion removal, sharpening and resizing. Images also need to be compressed without losing too much image quality to negatively affect the website design but small enough to load quickly. These are the skills our UI designers regularly use.

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