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Niche Keywords

Niche Keywords: Finding Relevant Keywords to Increase Traffic

In the early years of the internet you could bring traffic to your site fairly easily and you didn’t need to worry too much about the best keywords to target. However as the number of web sites has exploded you have to make more of an effort.

The necessity for search engine optimisation (SEO) of your site is impossible to ignore. Now SEO is a very broad topic in its own right but in this article the initial step of selecting the best keywords will be addressed.

So what is meant by keywords?

Keywords are the phrases people use on Google and other search engines to get information. For example if you want search for a London design agency, you may well type ‘web design agency london’ into Google. There will be millions of searches a month using that keyword.

If you have a business site selling cameras you may want to get to the top of the search results for the keyword ‘digital camera’. To do this you would build links with the words digital camera pointing back to your site. That is quite easy, right?

Unfortunately not. There will be millions of sites also targeting ‘digital camera’ so the competition is tough. However the answer is to target what’s called the long tailed keywords. These are search terms that are also used but less often. For example ‘buy a digital camera’ or ‘digital camera with long zoom’.

These keywords are all searched for but you will find much less competition from other sites so they are easier for you to target and reach the first page of Google. Also they tend to be used by people more likely to buy.

Great tool to pick the best keywords.

The best place to find these keywords is from Google using the adwords keyword tool. You put in a general keyword such as ‘digital camera’ and the tool in seconds gives you a list of 800 related keywords that people have used. The information includes the number of searches each month to help you in your selection to pick the best keywords .

It is easier to rank for 10 low competition keywords rather than 1 very popular and will bring you higher profits. Proper keyword research takes time and expertise which is why it is a good idea to consult the experts that will guide you towards your best keywords. It saves you time and earns you more money.

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