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How to Start Guest Blogging

Guest Blog Posting

A question that gets banded around a lot is the epitome’s question, “Is web design guest posting dead?” The answer to this isn’t simple, the short answer is no, web design guest posting isn’t dead, it’s just hard.

London Guest blogging isn’t bad or a dirty word; with Google’s Penguin update it’s actually doing everyone a favour. By weeding out spammy or abusive web design link building tactics it means that the web design guest posts will do see will have to be well written and interesting.

Having better website content is better for your company and better for your clients, but how do we do that?

Stop talking about Web Design Guest Posts

With web spammers bombarding bloggers inboxes with requests it’s understandable that the web design guest posting community is getting weary. Treat your web design guest posts like a journalist would if you provided high-quality website content to a blog then they should be proud of it.

If your host categorises/tags your article as a ‘web design guest post’ get angry! Learn how Google wants you to author web design guest posts correctly, Google Authorship can lend credibility to your content and therefore generate more views.

You want to get your posts on some great reputable blogs, the blog hosts should be using London Google Authorship if they aren’t suggested to them how it’ll make their website look better.

There are great websites that can help with marketing your business correctly, for example, has some great tips on their blog.

Unnatural Links are not your Friend

The most dramatic change in Google’s update is the crackdown on posts which link completely unnaturally in the text. People who wrote content to just get links in are spammers or are a bad web design agency.

These guys are a danger to everyone; on a good day, the link they are spamming will simply be devalued, on a bad day, however, the website allowing spammers to post on their website will get noticed by Google (and not in a good way).

This also goes for links within in author bios, companies who insert their unnatural links in author bios think they’re being sneaky but really they’re doing what every web design spammer is doing, and you will get caught, and it’s only a matter of time.

It’s fine to link within the author bios if it makes sense, check out some trusted websites and see how they link in the author bio as a guideline for your web design guest posts.

Unnatural links are unnatural, whether it has been jammed into the middle of the text or snuck into the author bio. Only add your links where it adds value to the reader web design guest posters!

Write Good Website Content

This point goes naturally with the aforementioned one. Once you’ve gotten out of the habit of linking unnaturally and now you’re linking naturally like a proper writer, look at your web design content, is it up to scratch?

Even if you have set up London Google Authorship, sometimes web design guest posts stick out like sore thumbs. Content is evolving; it’s changing from a medium of getting links online into a technical skill in its own right.

Good quality content knows the demographics of the site it’s posting on, it knows the tone and the articles which have been posted recently. It would fit in with any article on that site. And most importantly, it solves a problem for readers.

If your guest post doesn’t tick these boxes, you’re doing guest posting it wrong.

Dos and Dont’s of Web Design Guest Posting

Guest posting is changing, but that doesn’t mean it’s changing for the better. Now your content is fantastic, here are some general tips for guest posting.

  • Don’t use exact match anchor text – It’s easy to way to get your links devalued and websites penalised.
  • Do write content that solves a problem – Writing content that is needed is a great way to ensure coverage and links.
  • Don’t add links where it doesn’t make sense – If you’re not sure how to hyperlink naturally look at some trusted articles and follow their example.
  • Do add rich-media – videos, images, tweets, gifs, anything that makes your content more interesting.

Web Design Guest Posting can be done

Finding good blogs is hard, finding blogs that will let you guest post can be even harder but writing the posts and making sure they don’t look suspicious shouldn’t be an uphill struggle. Make sure you follow these tips and you won’t have to worry about Big Brother Google again.

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