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How to Market Your Website

7 Ways To Advertise Your Website

If you think that as a web design freelancer, you don’t need a business strategy, you are actually mistaken. The chore ideas of marketing your website remain the same, even though platform changes from tradition to trend.

Business branding is a must-do for anyone just venturing out. It is not just about making a logo but voicing your mission, vision and stand-out differences from others. It is a wonderful packaging of who you are, what you offer and why you are not bracketed in run-of-the-cubicles.

Never harp on the same string that you are the best. Instead, focus on making a statement that rightly reflects your innovative aspect, it will make you stand different and not push you into the rat race.

First Connection in Marketing Your Website

For a web design start-up, it is quite natural to hunt for the clients instead of being hunted by them. This is because your brand is yet to get viral. Getting the first client is very crucial but pretty difficult, especially when you are not directly interacting with those potential clients.

Logo plays a crucial role in branding your business. It represents your skill and efficiency. Make it catchy so that target customers feel like hiring your service for logo designing.

After logo designing is complete, move your eyeball to portfolio making. Launch it on the virtual platform so that a larger number of customers have immediate access to your web design portfolio. Also, consider using print media for a professional portfolio structure.

Photo Book

Online web design portfolio is a trend but consider those blocks of customers who are yet to be savvy with the web. They need something that can be held in hands and flipped through. A photo book makes a natural choice for them.

There are many creative publishers working online at a most penny-pinching rate. Make sure to use fine-quality paper for photo bookmaking. If designed well, it will sell your creative statement at industry fairs or client meeting or networking events.


Networking is important even for a small brand when marketing your website. Local networking events aside, join LinkedIn web design groups and set up Google Alert.

Do research on those who are already in the loop of web design before joining the networking group. Keep your business card ready with logo on it, should you ever need to exchange details with a potential party.

Always be on a good term with the large business brands. Maybe a day will come when being overflowed with work; they may want to outsource a web design freelancer like you.

Web Design Presence

Not mandatory to launch a website, a blog too will work fine! You just need a web presence to showcase what you can and what you do best. A very cost-effective trick and must be made a part of your marketing mix. If you have a WordPress blog, make sure to post on it regularly.

All above, if integrated can bring you more benefits than a one-way approach. Through integration, you adopt a multi-dimensional approach that is more powerful. The integrated method can take you multi-steps forward without costing you a whale of penny or pound in marketing your website.

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