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Business Card Design

Business Card Design: 7 Design Elements to Include

Business card is the first glimpse of your professional and personal soul. The etiquette, design and content of your business card will actually reveal a lot about you to the other person. Hence the business card design cannot be taken lightly. It will reveal about your industry, profile and personal choice. It’s more to do with the psychological impact that your card manages to create.

So, with so much banking on your design, let us see how a proper understanding of psychology will help you design an appropriate business card. The business card is also something that will stay with the other person even after your initial meeting. A sloppy, busy card will not evoke much positive thoughts about your personality compared to a neat and bold looking business card. Few hygiene things about Business Card design are mentioned below for your benefit.

Typography for your Business Card

It is to be decided where to use serif type and where sans-serif. The former is usually used in the text body and the latter for the header. Though minute to think of, but it actually impacts the visual quotient of your business card.


Optimise the space between adjacent letters and words for improved visual appeal. Spacing between lines and sections is also important. It also allows the reader to process the information quickly.

Font Choice

A person in the art industry will surely have a different font choice compared to somebody from a manufacturing industry. You may choose elegant, handwritten or just straight forward style of font for your business card.

White Space

Amount of white space on the card should be optimised. While too little of it will make the card look cramped and less elegant but lot of white space will lose out of the visual appeal factor. Hence appropriate space needs to be allocated for white colour. It will highlight the relevant points on your card.


Colour of your card should add value to the message that you intend to give through your business card. It should set well with the font colour and should not look very tacky to one’s eyes. If done properly, it will improve the visual appeal of your card by multiple notches.

Now that you know how to design an appropriate business card for yourself, you can go ahead and do one right away. Instead of judging how somebody else’s card looks, you should understand how you want your card to look like. After all, it will reflect your personality and profile in a nutshell.

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