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Why You NEED To Have A Logo Design

Creating a logo is so much more than simply displaying your company name in a fancy font. It is a vital step in building a successful brand as it is often people’s first visual impression of your company. In this article, we will explain the importance of professional logo design and why it is essential for both small and large businesses.

What makes a good logo?

Your company logo is more than likely the first thing potential customers will see, whether they are visiting your website or looking at a print advertisement. It is essential that your logo makes a good first impression or customers may simply choose to purchase products or services from elsewhere. Your logo should be distinctive and memorable so that people recognise it within seconds. It should also include imagery that is appropriate to your business, as well as a legible font that clearly states your company name. Well-known companies can usually get away with simply using a symbol as their logo as it is already recognisable to customers, preventing them from needing to display their company name.

Marketing your business

Your company logo is an essential marketing tool and is therefore worth every penny you invest in its design. Without a logo, you will struggle to build up your brand and will not stand a chance at making a lasting impression on potential customers. If it helps to justify the cost of a professional logo design service, think of it as a business asset.

Professional design vs. DIY

Anyone is capable of creating a company logo, but not everyone is capable of creating a logo that will make a fantastic first impression on potential customers. Although it may be tempting to do a DIY job by creating a simple logo in Paint, it will send all the wrong messages out to your customers. Below are some of the benefits of investing in a professional logo design such as from a London logo designer


The purpose of your company logo is to represent your values as well as the products or services you provide. Therefore if your logo is of poor quality, it will send out a message that says to customers that your products and services are low quality too. Whereas if you have a professional high-quality logo designed, it will give customers the impression that your products or services are of high quality too. See we told you logos were much more than a fancy way of displaying your company name!


If you create a DIY company logo on a computer program like Paint, you will send out a message of unprofessionalism to potential customers. This is sure to put customers off doing business with you because let’s face it, why would anyone want to work with a business that is not willing to invest in professional marketing materials? Having a high-quality logo designed will set your tone of business and inform customers that you are professional, reputable and reliable.


There is a reason that people become professional designers and that is because they not only have artistic skills, but creative minds too. The cost of your design will cover the creative ideas thought up by the designer as well as their production skills. Professional logo designers have the minds to come up with ideas that other people simply wouldn’t think of.

Small businesses

Investing in professional logo design is just as essential for small businesses as it is for large businesses. All too often small business owners think that professional logo designs are only for large, well-known companies. Your small company will stand a better chance at one day expanding and becoming globally known if it has a professional logo design to represent it to the public.


Small business owners are often put off professional logo design as they think it is too expensive. What they do not realise is that there are many affordable design options out there. Simply do a little research online and you will find a wide range of companies offering affordable logo designs for small businesses.


Designing a professional logo is not just about choosing colours, shapes and sizes to create an aesthetically pleasing image. It is about understanding a business’s values and reflecting them within a logo design. Professional designers have the experience and knowledge of how to do this and are therefore worth paying to create a mini-masterpiece for your company.

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