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10 Best WordPress Slider Plugins

10+ Best WordPress Slider Plugins Compared

Integrating a WordPress Web Design slider to the top of a blog gives it a great professional look. This has a greater impact on the conversion rate. But what if you have an existing WordPress Web Design blog and want slider…

8 Stages To Write A Keyword Optimised Article

How to write SEO optimised articles in WordPress

Keywords phrases have long played an important role in helping digital marketers improve their WordPress website’s SEO and achieve higher rankings on search engines. However, when it comes to using them within their website content, not everyone knows how to…

Colour Design

Colour in Web Design: Why It’s Essential For Your WordPress Website

When it comes to designing a website, you will find that there are so many different things you have to consider in order to create the best possible user experience for your customers. Not only do you need to think…

Guest Blog Posting

Guest Blog Posting in WordPress: Increase Your Google Ranking

A question that gets banded around a lot is the epitome’s question, “Is web design guest posting dead?” The answer to this isn’t simple, the short answer is no, web design guest posting isn’t dead, it’s just hard. London Guest…

What Is Wireframing

What is UX Design – User Experience Design?

User Experience Design, also known as UX design, is the process used to determine the experience your website visitors will have when they interact with your website. The tools used for UX design include wireframing and a site map in…

7 Ways To Advertise Your Website

7 Ways to Advertise Your WordPress Website to Increase Sales

If you think that as a web design freelancer, you don’t need a business strategy, you are actually mistaken. The chore ideas of marketing your website remain the same, even though platform changes from tradition to trend. Business branding is…

7 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

7 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Do you get a lot of traffic to your WordPress website but find that your bounce rate is high and conversions are low? If so, it may be due to the fact that you need to speed up your website.…


What is GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a series of rules that have been put in place with the aim of protecting EU citizens from breaches in data and privacy. Any organisation that is involved in the processing of…


Why use Call To Actions in web design?

A "call to action",  also known as a CTA, Is a sentence or button that encourages the website visitor to take action. These will often be used at the end of an advert which has explained the features and benefits…

6 Best WordPress Security Plugins

6+ Best WordPress Security Plugins Compared

At any given time within a seven-day period there are approximately 18.5M websites that have been infected with malware. On average a website is attacked up to 44 times a day, and that’s all websites, non-WordPress and WordPress ones too.…

Boost E-Commerce Sales

Boost WooCommerce Sales: Tips To Improve Your WooCommerce Shop

We all know that having a great looking e-commerce web design can help attract customers’ but did you know that it also has a huge impact on your sales? [...]
How To Use WordPress Categories & Tags

How to Use WordPress Categories & Tags to Improve your Blog

WordPress is an open-source project and is used as a blogging tool and a content management system worldwide. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging site and there are multiple reasons for this feat. Users get the freedom to tinker…

Best Paid Web Directories For SEO

10+ Best Paid Web Directories For SEO

Paid web directories are a very good way of gaining strong one way backlinks to help with your SEO campaign. Unlike free directories which anyone can submit to in bulk, these paid directories have editor which will evaluate your website…

Understanding Bounce Rate

How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your WordPress Website

High bounce rate can be caused by a number of different factors, such as users not being able to access the information they require quickly enough or poor web design. If you are fed up of users visiting your site,…

Web Design Process

What is UI Design – User Interface Design?

When it comes to designing your website, the smallest things can make the biggest difference to the overall user experience it provides. For example, the way in which you layout your content and the colours you use can have a…

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