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BEST Contact Form Plugins for WordPress


This article looks at the BEST Contact Form plugins for WordPress including – QuForm / Gravity Forms / Form Craft / Contact Form 7 / WP Forms / Ninja Forms.

We will look at the features each WordPress Contact Form plugin offers, how this integrates with your website design and the price of the plugin.

As a WordPress developer, I’ve had a lot of experience with various contact form plugins. Some have been excellent, but others have been troublesome, either through setting them up or technical issues in use. Below are the best contact form plugins I have used but which one is best suited to you will depend upon your technical skills, budget and functionality requirements.

Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress



Gravity forms offer many advanced features and integrations which are relatively simple to set up but more advanced features do require knowledge of CSS and time to read and understand the documentation. The price for a single install is reasonable considering the options available, but for a simple contact form, there are cheaper and simpler plugins available.

Fields & Builder – Over 30 form fields including text fields, selection fields, contact detail fields, pricing fields and post fields are included, and it has a drag and drop form builder, but columns need to be coded in by CSS or by adding an additional plugin.
Styling & Themes – Design changes need to be made by CSS as it doesn’t provide customisation for styling or you can install a plugin such as Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms.
Integrations – Forms can be integrated with apps such as a CRM, payment gateway of email marketing applications using the addons feature. Some advanced addons will require a higher priced license.
Conditional logic – This allows you to set conditions for when fields are displayed depending upon the user’s selection. It’s a useful feature for longer forms such as an application for insurance and can reduce the need for the user to choose between several forms to fill out. This can be applied to email notifications.
Data Storage – Submitted form entries are automatically stored in your database and viewable the plugins menu within WordPress with entries separated into pages for each form. There are spam folders and a bin which can be quickly emptied.
Email Notifications – Autoresponders can be sent to your customers after they have submitted the form and the enquiry sent to yourself and further emails with the content and can also be populated with details such as the URL it was submitted from.
Spam Protection – The plugin is very effective at spam protection as it integrates with the Akismet anti-spam plugin which recognises and sends spam messages to a folder for checking and deletion. The plugin offers CAPTCHA images and Honeypot anti-spam fields, which are hidden fields that spambots fill out, which identifies the message as spam.
File Upload & Printing – Single or multiple files can be uploaded and files restricted to common formats such as JPG and PDF along with maximum file size. Entries can be printed individually or in bulk, which is a good time saver.
Documentation – It has in-depth online documentation that is easy to navigate with supplementary videos demonstrating how to use the features of the plugin and extend its capabilities.
Price – Basic licence costs $59 a year for 1 website installation. The pro license is $159 a year and includes 3 website and pro addons which includes CRM and payment integrations that the basic licence doesn’t. The Elite license includes unlimited website installations at $259 a year with additional survey and poll integrations.

QuForm Plugin for WordPress


QuForm Features:

This plugin is ideal if you are looking for just a simple contact form that can be built quickly and added without much fuss. It’s not as advanced as Gravity forms however it is in many ways easier to use and cheaper.

Styling & Themes – 11 themes are provided, or design changes can be made by CSS or by installing a plugin such as Quform Styles.
Fields & Builder – It has 19 fields and a builder with a drag and drop interface that allows columns to easily be created in the form. The plugin doesn’t integrate with any apps, but a plugin is available to work with Zapier, which allows for integrations with a monthly membership fee.
Integrations – Forms can’t be integrated with the standalone plugin, but you can download additional plugins for integrating into apps such as MailChimp.
Conditional logic – Basic conditional logic is available with Quform, but the documentation isn’t clear on how to set this up effectively.
Data Storage – There is an option to save submitted forms in your database, but this isn’t a requirement as they can be emailed directly to you which may be beneficial to conform to GDPR.
Spam Protection – QuForm doesn’t integrate with the Akismet anti-spam plugin. There are inbuild CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA fields, and it offers the Honeypot anti-spam option.
Email Notifications – Email notifications of the submitted form and content can be set up to send to yourself, and an email can automatically be sent to the customer confirming you have received their enquiry.
File Upload & Printing – The plugin does allow files to be upload via the form which you can set the maximum file size as well as the file type you allow such as jpg and png. Printing is not an option within the plugin.
Documentation – QuForm documentation is text-heavy with not many screenshots which can make problems you are having, challenging to solve.
Price – The regular license is a one time fee of $29, which can be installed on 1 website. An extended license of $145 is available for websites in which the end-user must pay to use the end product.

Form Craft 3 Plugin for WordPress



This is one of the easier forms to set up, and style with decent features in the basic package, however, lacks in Anti-Spam features and costs a lot more than QuForm if you just needed a basic contact form.

Styling & Themes – There are many styling options available, including text and colour changes to all fields without the need to edit the CSS.
Fields & Builder – Forms are easy to make using an existing template or adding fields with the drag and drop editor. This is one of the best-looking builders available and easily integrates with popular WordPress page builder plugins.
Integrations – Free addons are available with the basic bundle, but more advanced addons for payment gateways or user registration require their most expensive package.
Conditional logic – Conditional logic is available with the plugin, and the documentation has several screenshots on how to set this up.
Data Storage – Form entries are stored in the database with search and export functionality by form.
Spam Protection – The plugin doesn’t integrate with Akismet but does offer reCAPTCHA and the Honeypot anti-spam hidden field that spambots fills out marking it as spam.
Email Notifications – You can notify yourself of new submissions and populate the email with details such as the post name, date and the URL it was submitted from. Emails can be sent to your customers confirming their submission.
File Upload & Printing – Allow website visitors to upload JPG, PDF or Word documents. Single form entries can be printed, but there isn’t an option to bulk print entries.
Documentation – The documentation features many screenshots which are helpful for basic issues, but it lacks the depth that the other plugins on this list offer.
Price – The plugin costs $36 with packages for add-ons and additional integrations costing from $49 to $129 depending upon your requirements.

Contact Form 7 Plugin for WordPress



This is the most popular WordPress contact form as it is offered for free and usually part of the default plugins supplied with premium WordPress themes. In its standard form, it does the job and has good spam filtering. You can extend the functionality with other plugins, but it requires a lot more work than other options on this list.

Styling & Themes – It doesn’t provide customisation for styling, so design changes need to be made by CSS or by installing a plugin such as Contact Form 7 Style.
Fields & Builder – The form offers basic fields with a simple builder. You may need to use shortcodes to build parts of the form and place it on a page. This method is out of date for WordPress, and although it still works, it can be frustrating to use.
Integrations – There’s no native integration but many plugins are available to allow the plugin to be integrated into external apps, but this can be time-consuming to find the right plugin and conflicts can occur.
Conditional logic – The plugin doesn’t natively offer conditional logic, but a free plugin named conditional field for contact form 7 is available.
Data Storage – Submissions aren’t natively stored within the database which can be useful to conform to GDPR but the plugin CF7 Data Storage is available that offers this feature.
Spam Protection – It integrates with Akismet which is very good at filtering out spam. It offers CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA natively, but honeypot requires an additional plugin.
Email Notifications – Entries are sent via email to you as there is no native storage which can cause issues if there was a problem on your website as you could lose this data. Autoresponders can be set up, but the styling will need to be done via CSS.
File Upload & Printing – The plugin has the option for visitors to upload files and you can restrict the file size and type. Printing isn’t available as form submissions aren’t stored.
Documentation – There is online documentation, but it is not user-friendly and required development knowledge to understand it. This was written many years ago and in need of an update.
Price – The plugin is Free, but additional plugins required for application integrations or styling the forms may need to be purchased.

WP Forms Plugin for WordPress



Styling & Themes – There are 150 form templates included, but these need to be styled by CSS or by using a plugin such as Styler for WPForms.
Fields & Builder – The plugin has an advanced builder that is easy to use and offers responsive form templates that simple to embed into your pages and posts.
Integrations – The plugin comes with Constant Contact email marketing integration, but the higher level and more expensive packages include payment gateways, email marketing, surveys and Zapier integration.
Conditional logic – This is available with all of the packages and multiple conditions can be added with examples available within their documentation.
Data Storage – Submitted form entries are stored in the database and can be viewed from within WordPress where you can favourite your leads and mark them as read. Entries can be exported to a CSV file.
Spam Protection – WP Forms doesn’t integrate with Akismet anti-spam of offer honeypot anti-spam but it includes reCAPTCHA by Google.
Email Notifications – Notification can be set up for new form entries and more than one email address can be messaged. A confirmation email can be sent to the form submitter with their entry or a message with further information.
File Upload & Printing – The plugin has the option for visitors to upload files and you can restrict the file size and type. Printing isn’t available as form submissions aren’t stored.
Documentation – Individual forms can be printed and they offer a compact printing option to reduce the space used by not printing empty fields or placing labels on the same line as the data.
Price – The basic packages cost $39.50 per year but support or app integrations aren’t included. The pro license includes all integrations and can be installed on 5 websites and the Elite package at $299.50 per year offers unlimited websites and all the addons.


That’s our list for the best contact form plugins for WordPress! Which plugin is best for you depends upon how valuable leads are for you, your budget and the complexity of the contact forms you require.

Contact form 7 with additional plugins can offer a good option for most and is a free plugin; however, I would recommend the Gravity Forms Basic License if your business relies on lead generation due to the advanced anti-spam options if offers.

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