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9 Essential SEO Copywriting Techniques To Improve Your Website

4 Essential SEO Copywriting Techniques to Improve Your Website

If you run a small online business and want to stand a good chance at ranking well in searches, you will need to make sure that you are producing high quality content. According to Google’s Matt Cutts and other SEO experts, it is great content that can help small businesses to compete with some of the larger companies in their industries. Content writing has never been more important, especially with the release of Google’s Panda 4.0 update, which is designed to make sure that sites with good quality content are ranked higher. To give you a head start, we have provided our top tips for improving your SEO content writing below.

Think about your audience and their needs

A mistake that many website owners make is writing for search engines, rather than writing for a human audience. Instead of optimising your website content for search engines, by stuffing it with SEO keywords, you should be thinking about what searches your intended audience may be performing and how your content can meet their needs and requirements. The better your content can answer users’ search queries, the higher your website will rank in relevant searches.

At the end of the day, Google and others search engines have a duty to provide their users with the best possible answers to their search queries, so if you are offering excellent information, they are going to rank you higher than your competitors.

Explore your niche

There is a tendency for website owners to go ‘too big’ with their content, which often leads them to writing articles and blog posts that are generic and vague. If you want to improve your SEO content writing and make a big impact on both users and search engines, it is a good idea to start small. Think about writing content on a niche subject that is closely related to the products you sell or services you offer.

Explore your niche subject in as much detail as possible, covering all aspects of it. The more unique, relevant and high quality content you can produce on a niche subject, the more likely Google is to see you as an expert and will therefore rank your site more favourably.

Consider long tail keywords

The launch of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm bought the importance of long tail keywords to the forefront. Whereas in the past businesses would optimise their websites for short keywords, today they are being encouraged to consider long tail keywords. Although long tail keywords have a smaller search volume, the traffic quality is greater as users are looking for something specific and are therefore more likely to convert if their query is answered by your website content.

Create sharable content

If you are clued up on social media, you will already have a good understanding of social sharing and the important role it plays in SEO and marketing strategies. In order to encourage social sharing, you need to create unique, interesting and insightful content that users will want to share with their peers. For example, you could share content offering a new take on a niche subject or perhaps an infographic highlighting new data relevant to your industry. The more your content is shared, the more likely Google and other search engines are to see you as an expert and will therefore rank your website higher in relevant searches.


Creating great content can go a long way in enhancing your SEO strategy and helping your website to rank well in relevant searches. Of course, content writing comes more naturally to some than others, but if you need a helping hand you can always get in touch with the SEO experts here at WP Design.

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