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7 Web Design Trends

7 Web Design Trends You Need To Know

Web design is undergoing the natural evolution phase of the internet life cycle. Web design trends is just a reflection of our culture and predicted expectations for various user interfaces. Last year was quite exciting in the field of website designing. This year too we can expect some cool trendy features in the designs. Let’s check out what the web design world might have to offer in the year 2013.

Responsive web designing is expected to be a major trend in the immediate future. With that there will be more elements made for touch-screen devices.  Elements will be like larger buttons, mobile navigation menus and swipe to view images. Ultimately, this will result into a truly fluid layout which would easily fit into any screen size without compromising the data in the process. This way, the website would suit any form of digital media from large-sized laptops to smaller tabs to even tinier screen sized smart phones. So, technically, we are not very far from having a standardised web design with a single set of codes that will work perfectly on all environments.

Web design layout

Another design layout that is expected to rise in popularity and application is the retina support. Apple has already implemented it in some of their devices. These retina screens are actually twice as dense as the average LCD ones. Retina.js is an open source script that allows high resolution pictures to be displayed with ease.

One more trendy web design that is expected to be demand is the use of fixed headers. By using CSS ‘position: fixed property’, designers and developers can keep their header bar static. This will facilitate the user doing page scrolling. Fixed headers work on practically any website and look great paired with most layouts.

It’s been a recent trend to use large sized photographs as the background of websites. This is an excellent way to instantly capture the interest of the user. Blend this photograph with your layout and get a major edge in marketing of your website.

Web Design Market

Internet is a huge market with infinite sellers and buyers. It’s prudent to have a focussed approach if you want to communicate with the visitors. A landing page is used to capture new leads for your website. So when the users come to your landing page, you want to convey your products and services lucidly. A simple and neat landing page does just that!

Increased usage of mobiles and handheld devices has led to a demand of QR codes or Quick Response codes. These are an advanced version of the bar codes and are expected to be used pretty heavily in the current year.

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