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7 Must-Know Copywriting Techniques

7 Must-Know Copywriting Techniques to Improve Your Website

When it comes to creating a successful business website, the words you put on your pages are equally as important as the page designs themselves. If you want to impress and influence your visitors, your copywriting needs to be top notch. With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of the hottest copywriting trends in 2015.

Short and sweet copy

Human beings have fairly limited attention spans, so if you’re going to grab their attention, you need to keep your website copy short, sweet and to the point. People haven’t got time to sift through a 10,000 word article to find out the information they need, they want it delivered in a couple of sentences maximum.

Every sentence you type needs to be worthy of its place on your page. If it isn’t of value to your readers, then hit delete!


A great way to say more with fewer words is to use an infographic. This is a visual piece of content that usually contains facts, images and a little bit of copy. Infographics are particularly great for sharing bite-sized chunks of data in an easy to understand format. Rather than shelling out yet another report that no one really wants to read, try creating an eye-catching infographic instead.

Constant content

The trend for constant content is something that’s bound to keep you on your toes this year. Yes, if you want to impress visitors and improve your SEO, you need to be sharing new content on a regular basis.

A well-planned content schedule can help you maintain constant content on your website or blog, however sometimes spontaneous content can offer a better pay off. Being the first to share an opinion piece on a breaking news story or an advice post on regulatory updates will stand you in good stead for becoming users’ go-to source for information related to your industry.

Personalised content

One of the hottest marketing trends of 2015 is personalised content, which of course, relates directly to copywriting. Whether you are creating a marketing email or landing page, it is important to tailor your copy to the intended recipient.

Data plays a big role in this, as it is required in order for you to personalise your copy with a customer’s name, as well as things like product recommendations. Knowing more about your customers will also help you to tailor the language you use, showing them you’re on the same wavelength.

The more effort you put into creating personalised content in 2015, the bigger and better the results you’ll achieve.

Answering people’s questions

The rise of Siri, Cortana and other similar technology has completely changed the way people search online. More and more people are now speaking their searches and asking direct questions.

A great way to ensure you achieve excellent rankings and are made visible to potential customers on search engines is to answer people’s questions within your website copy and blog posts.

Think about the type of questions people may ask and provide an answer to them. Be innovative – use your content to tell a story! Make it personal so people feel that you are directly answering their question and providing a tailored response.

Using keywords to optimise your content for SEO is still important but answering people’s questions is just as necessary if you want to achieve higher rankings and increased conversions.


The world of copywriting is constantly changing, so it’s always good to keep up with the latest trends. Injecting fresh ideas into your website content, as well as your blog posts, social media updates and marketing emails, is guaranteed to capture your audience’s attention and get them to take action.

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