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6 Best WordPress Security Plugins

6+ Best WordPress Security Plugins Compared

At any given time within a seven-day period there are approximately 18.5M websites that have been infected with malware. On average a website is attacked up to 44 times a day, and that’s all websites, non-WordPress and WordPress ones too. These numbers are huge!

Security breaches on your WordPress website can be checked for at any time. But if you are not a very “tech-y” person this can be tricky without the help of a professional.

  • Business Your business can suffer considerable damage if it is the victim of a security breach.
  • Data Your data, and that of your users or customers, can be stolen
  • Users Unsuspecting site users and other websites can be affected by malicious code from a compromised website
  • Locked Out Your data can be held hostage, data can be lost as can website access, and you can also be locked out
  • Ranking Your SEO rankings and the reputation of your brand can be affected if your website is defaced or destroyed

You should follow best practices for security in order to avoid your WordPress website being hacked, and one important step you need to follow so that your WordPress website is secure is using a security plugin suitable for WordPress. Not only will these block those brute force attacks to your website, but they will also fortify your WordPress security.

This article looks at 6 of the very best WordPress security plugins that are out there for those who are looking to protect. Remember, you should only use a single plugin, as using more may result in bugs on your site.


When it comes to WordPress security, Sucuri in a leader in the industry. In fact, it is one of the best WordPress security plugins you can get. They have a free, basis Sucuri security plugin that can assist you in fortifying your WordPress security, and it will check your website for all those common threats.

The real value of Sucuri is in its paid plans. These come with the best firewall protection for WordPress. This will assist you in not only blocking brute force but also those malicious attacks that try to access your WordPress.

These firewalls filter out the bad traffic before it even has a chance to reach your server, and they also serve static content from CDN servers of their own. In addition to the security that is offered by DNS level firewalls with CDN you also get fantastic performance boosts and your website is sped up too.

If your website is affected by malware, they offer to sort it at no extra cost. In fact, they will even offer this service for a website that is already affected.

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

This is yet another very useful anti-malware and security plugin for WordPress. The plugin comes with definitions that are actively maintained and which assist it in finding the most common threats.

The malware scanner in this plugin easily allows you to can both files and folder on your WordPress site looking for malicious code, malware, backdoors, and any other known malicious attacks.

You will need to create a free account on the plugin website in order to have access to the latest definitions and premiums features of this plugin. In addition, it will also contact developers’ websites looking for updated definitions.

During the time that the plugin is taking to run through tests it may throw up a significant number of false positives – it is a lot of work to match each of these to the source file.

Wordfence Security

This is another popular security plugin for WordPress. Free versions of the plugin are available complete with powerful scanner for malware, exploit detection and features for threat assessment.

This plugin can start a complete scan at any time and can also automatically scan your website for those all-too-common threats. If there are signs of a breach in security you will be alerted and given instructions to help you fix them.

There is also a built in WordPress site firewall with Wordfence. This does run on your server before it loads WordPress, so it is not as effective as a firewall that is DNS level.

iThemes Security

The team who developed the very popular BackupBuddy plugin have brought you the rather nifty iThemes security WordPress security plugin. Similar to all their other products, iThemes gives you a user interface that is nice and clean and offers a range of alternatives.

It includes checks for file integrity, limited login attempts, security hardening, strong enforcement for passwords, brute force protection and 404 detections to mention just a few.

There is no website firewall with iThemes security, nor does it have a malware scanner of its own. In fact, it uses the malware scanner from Sucuri Sitecheck.

Bulletproof Security

This isn’t the prettiest of WordPress security plugins out there but is has some redeeming features. There is a handy setup wizard to show you around the settings. And, the settings panel has links to documents that can help you understand how some of the features work. The malware scanner lets you check the integrity of both your WordPress files and folders.

With login protection, idle session logout, security logs and even database backup utility, it has some good security hardening features. You can also set up security logs on your email notifications and when a user gets locked out it sends alerts.

All in One WordPress Security

This is a commanding WordPress security plugin that also audits, monitors, and has a firewall. All in One WordPress Security really is everything in one package. It allows you to put basic WordPress security best practises on your website easily.
Features include login lockdown which can avert brute force attacks, IP filtering, scan for suspicious patterns of database injection, file integrity monitoring and so much more.

Of course, it also includes a basic level firewall which is capable of detecting some of the commonly seen patterns and then blocking them. Word of warning it isn’t that efficient, and you may find yourself manually blacklisting IPS that are suspicious often.

Now you have more information on these security plugins, you’ll be in a great position to choose one that works best for your site.

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